Our Legislative Goals and Agenda


A. Restore state funding to the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education to pre 2011 levels and guarantee a 2 year tuition freeze. Total funding needed is $513 million (a $110 million increase from 2014-15).

B. Protect member retirement benefits and options.

C. Work in solidarity with the labor movement to preserve worker’s rights (e.g.preserve fair share, prevailing wage, collection of union dues, oppose liquor privatization, and support raising the minimum wage.)

D. Protect tenure and academic freedom.

E. Support legislation or regulations that would increase transparency for the State System of Higher Education.

F. Advocate for student voting rights.

G. Work to decrease the indebtedness of PASSHE students in different ways including changes in PHEAA grants and studying other state’s solutions for student debt.

H. Identify and build policy solutions to help Cheyney University recover from recent financial and institutional problems, including the promotion and inancial restoration of the Cheyney Keystone Honors Academy.

I. Promote legislation that properly regulates for-profit institutions of higher education