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APSCURF 2020 elections

2020 candidates

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Jim Leiding, candidate for president

Jim Leiding
East Stroudsburg
Candidate for President

I would be happy and proud to serve as your president for another term.

I was a faculty member at ESU from June, 1968, until Feb., 2002. During that time I was active in APSCUF.

Locally I served as Meet and Discuss Chairman for 30 years, President for two years, delegate for 30 years and after I retired I served as President of APSCURF for four years.

On the State level I was on the Executive Council for 6 years, Meet and Discuss for 8 years, (6 years as Spokesperson), Chair of the Personnel Committee for 6 years, 18 years of the Health and Welfare Committee (12 years as Chairman).

The last three years I have been Vice-President of APSCURF.

If elected I would, with the help of the Executive Committee, work to maintain (and even increase) our benefits, especially our Health and Welfare Benefits which are constantly under attack. I would also do all I could to be of help to State-wide APSCUF.

Helen Bieber, candidate for secretary

Helen Bieber
Candidate for Secretary

I retired in June 2016 after teaching 40 years, 35 of them in the State System (temporary at IUP, tenured at KU).

During that time I was always involved with APSCUF holding positions local committees and VP off and on for about 12 years.

I also served as an Alternate Delegate and Delegate until running for and being elected as APSCUF State Secretary, a position I held for 18 years.

I’m happy to continue my service working with APSCURF alongside many of the friends I’ve made over the years. 

Ana Börger-Greco, candidate for delegate

Ana Börger-Greco, Ph.D.
(Retired from Millersville University)
Candidate for APSCURF Delegate to the APSCUF Legislative Assembly

Dear fellow APSCURF members,

I have served as your representative to the APSCUF Legislative Assembly for the past two years, and would like to continue to do so for another two. I ask you to vote for me, because I think I have done a good job so far. I have attended all Assemblies, prepared to know what would be discussed, asked for your input and concerns, and voiced those concerns and questions to the LA when appropriate. I have made sure to write in-depth reports on each Legislative Assembly to make sure you can keep current on APSCUF and APSCURF concerns.

Because of my position as your Delegate, I have also been on the APSCURF State Executive Committee. I believe I have also served you well there by attending all meetings well-prepared for discussions; I’ve contributed ideas and done any tasks assigned.

I have also been active in APSCURF on a local level, serving as Vice-President/ President Elect of the APSCURF-MU Chapter since 2018. This summer I will take over as President.

When I came to Millersville in 1989, I joined APSCUF right away, because I realized that at a state university, where people other than faculty make important decisions about how the university is run, faculty must stand together to make a strong impact on those other decision makers. Over the years I felt more and more strongly about this, and became more and more involved in APSCUF and our university’s shared governance process.

During my tenure at Millersville I also served as Legislative Assembly delegate for 10 years and as alternate for 4. I also served on the state APSCUF By-Laws Committee for eight. Because I felt that the curriculum is central to what faculty does at the university, I served on MU’s Faculty Senate for 23 years as senator and 12 of those years as Chair of senate; at MU, senate is the APSCUF university-wide curriculum committee.

The three principal positives I bring to my representing you as APSCURF delegate to the State Legislative Assembly are that

  1. I have a good handle on what our issues are;
  2. I am willing and able to put in the necessary work; and
  3. I am not afraid to speak up for what we believe.

I hope that that is what you want in a representative and that you will vote for me. Thank you.

Mary Jo Campbell, candidate for alternate delegate

Mary Jo Campbell
Candidate for Alternate Delegate

I would like to continue my service on the APSCURF Executive Council as the alternate delegate to the Legislative Assembly.

I’ve served as President, Vice President and immediate Past President and have been active since I retired from Edinboro in 2009.

Our Executive Council has done so much for APSCURF and its members care so much about our entire membership.

Thank you for your interest in APSCURF. Please click on the links below to apply for or renew your membership.


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