APSCUF would like to thank our dedicated committee members – we couldn’t make such an impact without your hard work! To learn more about joining a committee, contact your local APSCUF chapter president.


Committee Chair Phone
Academic Affairs Committee Shawn Gallagher (MI) 717-871-7271
Adjunct Faculty Committee Amy Lynch-Biniek (KU) 484-646-5831
Audit Committee Eric Hawrelak (BL) 570-389-4894
Budget Committee Christopher Hallen (BL) 570-389-4143
CAP Committee Andrea McClanahan (ES) 570-422-3697
Coach Leadership Committee John Gump (KU)  610-683- 1333
Grievance Coaches Committee Bernard Driscoll (ESU) 610-683-4064
Grievance Faculty Committee Brent May (LH) 570-484- 2390
Health & Welfare Committee John Lattanzio (IU) 724-357-4760
Investment Committee Ken Mash (President) 800-932-0587
Legislative Committee Glenn Richardson (KU) 610-683-4450
Meet & Discuss Team Cliff Johnston (WC) 610-436-0432
Membership Committee John Marsden (IU) 724-357-4971
Mobilization Committee Seth Kahn (WC) 610-436-2822
Negotiations Committee Steve Kokoska (BL) 570-389-4629
Nominations and Elections Committee Mary Beth Leidman (IU) 724-357-5763
Personnel Committee Joyce A. Overly (CL) 814-393-2567
Public Relations Committee Cheryl Wanko (WC) 610-436-2126
Rules and Bylaws Committee William Calhoun (BL) 570-389-4507
Social Justice Committee Tabetha Bernstein-Danis (KU) 610-683-4651
Special Services Committee Pablo Delis (SH) 717-477-1092