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by Prince Matthews, APSCUF intern

Yesterday, I was telling my site supervisors that the APSCUF internship was my favorite internship to date. When asked why, I couldn’t give a specific answer so on the spot I decided to create a list highlighting the benefits of interning at APSCUF.

1. The staff at APSCUF are awesome and will treat you with the utmost respect. From the President to the other intern, everyone you’ll meet at APSCUF will treat you with respect and is glad to have you here as an addition to the team. The sense of belonging here is like no other. They are all really good at what they do, and have valuable information and interesting stories to share. In short…they’re awesome!

2. You get to work for a union that represents the faculty and coaches who helped you become the person you are today. Can you name a better internship to be passionate about? There’s no better feeling than being passionate about helping the people who were passionate about helping you. Interning for APSCUF will hit home in more ways than you could imagine.

3. You get to work with people who have similar but different stories from you. Having supervisors who are graduates of PASSHE universities gives you a greater sense of direction when it comes to entering the workforce. There’s nothing more insightful than getting the play-by-play of how your supervisors transitioned from the academic world to theReceiving such information can give you great ideas on how to pave your own journey to success.

4. You get to spend valuable time in the Pennsylvania Capitol building. If you love politics, you’ll love being in the Capitol building. There you will have the opportunity to meet legislators, government officials, lobbyists, tourists, and anyone in between. There is never a dull day, and there’s never a bland night.

5. There’s plenty of networking opportunities. During your tenure as an APSCUF intern, you get to attend countless meetings and events that can give you access to valuable networking opportunities.

6. You will learn new skills. One of the most valuable attributes about the internship is that you will get to learn new skills that have real-world use. By learning new skills, you are taken out of your comfort zone temporarily to grow as a professional forever. It also helps you build confidence and courage for completing new task in the future. Learning valuable skills now can land you a valuable position later.

7. You get your own workspace. As an aspiring young professional who is eager to get into the workforce, having your own office to work in is truly underrated and simply motivational.

8. You get to engage in valuable research projects. Here at APSCUF, interns have the opportunity to complete valuable research that looks promising to employers, great on a resume, and even better to graduate programs.

9. You can earn academic credit. Need a break from campus but still want to earn credits applicable to your graduation requirements? Intern for APSCUF.

10. You get paid! Unfortunately, not all internships are paid internships. However, here at APSCUF you will get the work experience you need and the money you deserve; it kills two birds with one stone!