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pennwest Edinboro

Welcome to the PennWest Edinboro chapter site. We are proud of our member’s commitment to providing a high-quality, diverse educational experience for the students at Edinboro.


Edinboro APSCUF encourages you to become familiar with the members who serve the faculty through various leadership positions in our union local. Lists of our current officers and committees are located in the left-hand column of this website. Feel free to contact them.

Edinboro APSCUF operates according to the bylaws of our state organization and the Edinboro APSCUF Constitution ByLaws to collaborate in offering the best possible educational opportunities while ensuring that both the collective bargaining agreement and the collective bargaining agreement for coaches are followed.

Faculty Officers

Samuel Claster, President – 814-732-1551
Erik Bentsen, Interim Vice President – 814-732-1358
Lisa Joyce, Secretary – 814-732-2448
David Tucker, Treasurer – 814-732-2550
Marc Sylvester, Past President – 814-732-1181
Corinne Schaeffer, Grievance Chair

Messages can be left for any officer at the Edinboro APSCUF Office at any time by calling 814-732-2918 or by emailing .

Coach Officers

Matthew Hill, Coach President, 814-732-1855
Anthony Papley, Coach Vice President, 814-732-1848
Gary Kagiavas, Coach Alternate Delegate, 814-732-1876

University-Wide Committees

Known as contractual committees, these committees are established by the collective bargaining agreement.

Click here to view a PDF of the current PennWest University-Wide Tenure, Promotion, and Sabbatical Committees.

Click here to download the current PennWest University-Wide Curriculum Committee.



Executive Council

Executive Council consists of the CURRENT OFFICERS, elected COLLEGE REPRESENTATIVES, and LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY DELEGATES. The officers and college representative terms will expire April 30, 2025. The delegate terms will expire August 31, 2025.  Terms for the Coach President, Coach Vice President and Coach Alternate Legislative Assembly Delegate expire August 31, 2026.

Click here to download the Executive Council listing.


Delegates to State APSCUF Legislative Assembly are elected each year according to the staggered system provided for in the state APSCUF bylaws (i.e., those seats established in even and odd years shall be filled at that time). Edinboro APSCUF’s Alternate Delegates are the elected members of our Executive Council.

Coach Gary Kagiavas was elected to the new position of Coach Alternate Delegate. His term expires 8/31/2024.  Current Delegates and their term expirations are:

Marc Sylvester; (8/31/2025)
James Wertz;    (8/31/2025)
Roger Wolbert;  (8/31/2025)
Samuel Claster, APSCUF Chapter President; (4/30/2025)
Matt Hill, APSCUF Coach Chapter President; (8/31/2024)


Chairpersons of Standing Committees shall have the right to place items on the agenda of meetings of the Executive Council.

Click here to download the list of Edinboro APSCUF committee chairs.



Click here to view the Edinboro APSCUF calendar of upcoming meetings.


Click the headers below to expand sections of useful information.

Collective bargaining agreements

Click here to view current and past collective bargaining agreements for faculty and coaches.


Click here to download a PDF of Edinboro’s chapter constitution and bylaws.

Retirement information

Click here for retirement information, including a retirement checklist, PASSHE’s pre-retirement guide, and dental and vision information for faculty and coaches. If you’re already retired, check out the APSCURF forms-and-benefits page.

Phone: 814-732-2918
Fax: 814-732-2286

210 Butterfield Hall
PennWest Edinboro
Edinboro, PA 16444

Chapter President
Sam Claster

Office Manager
Brenda Rajecki