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Mansfield University

Welcome to Mansfield University APSCUF (Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties) website. APSCUF is the voice for a quality, public, higher education. We provide the highest quality education at the most reasonable cost and foster Pennsylvania’s future leaders. APSCUF supports Mansfield and 13 other local communities across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.




Each year Mansfield University APSCUF offers several scholarships.

APSCUF/APSCURF Book Scholarship:

This scholarship is presented to a freshman who demonstrates academic achievement. It is a $500 award given as a credit at the University Bookstore, non-renewable. The recipient is selected by the Scholarship Committee.

APSCUF Freshman Scholarship:

One scholarship is presented to a union member or child of a union member, based on academics and strong union affiliation. The other scholarship is open to all entering freshmen and is based on academic achievement. Both scholarships are $750, non-renewable, and the recipients are selected by the Scholarship Committee.

Congratulations to the 2020–21 scholarship recipients: Samuel Rozanski – Environmental Science, Grayson Krow – Music Technology and April Bresee – Academic Exploration

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Brian Loher
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Linda Smith
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