APSCUF Legislative Goals And Priorities For 2019-20 Session

Increase funding for Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education in order to pay for a tuition freeze.

Protect member and annuitant retirement benefits and options. Advocate for cost-of-living adjustment where appropriate.

Work in solidarity with the labor movement to preserve and expand workers’ rights (e.g., guaranteeing exclusive representation, maintaining the prevailing wage, protecting the collection of union dues, and supporting raising the minimum wage).

Protect tenure, academic freedom, and faculty rights. 

Work to decrease the indebtedness of State System students in different ways including increasing PHEAA grants for State System students and promoting legislation aimed at negating the impacts of student loans, e.g., providing graduates with tax credits and regulating private lenders.

Promote legislation that properly regulates for-profit institutions of higher education.

Advocate for proactive adjunct faculty legislation that would help adjuncts, including healthcare benefits.

Advocate for student voting rights.

Advocate for greater privacy protections for members as it pertains to the right-to-know law.