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June 16, 2020
“We the People…”

These three words begin America’s bold experiment in democracy. From the beginning, however, many were left out of the democratic process—African Americans, Native Americans, women. African Americans, first brought over as slaves, had no voice whatsoever in the new nation and were literally treated as less than human. The racial injustice and inhuman cruelty of slavery that was part of the foundation of our country has left a deep wound that still has not healed.

The Black Lives Matter movement and the protests of the last few weeks—in response to the murder of George Floyd and a long list of racial injustices—are part of the centuries-long goal of making our democracy truly one for all of the people. APSCUF-KU supports Black Lives Matter and the ongoing quest for justice and fairness for all. We stand together in solidarity.

Tom Stewart 

President, APSCUF-KU

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Fall 2021 Meetings

Executive Committee
September 7RL 223:15-5:15pm
October 5RL 223:15-5:15pm
November 2RL 223:15-5:15pm
November 30RL 223:15-5:15pm
Representative Council
September 16AF 1033:15-5:15pm
October 14AF 1033:15-5:15pm
November 11AF 1033:15-5:15pm
December 9AF 1033:15-5:15pm
Pre M&D
September 2OM 322A3:15-5:15pm
October 7OM 322A3:15-5:15pm
November 4OM 322A3:15-5:15pm
December 2OM 322A3:15-5:15pm
September 14TBD 3:15-5:15pm
October 12TBD3:15-5:15pm
November 9TBD3:15-5:15pm
December 7TBD3:15-5:15pm


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Chapter President
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Arian Hungaski