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June 16, 2020
“We the People…”

These three words begin America’s bold experiment in democracy. From the beginning, however, many were left out of the democratic process—African Americans, Native Americans, women. African Americans, first brought over as slaves, had no voice whatsoever in the new nation and were literally treated as less than human. The racial injustice and inhuman cruelty of slavery that was part of the foundation of our country has left a deep wound that still has not healed.

The Black Lives Matter movement and the protests of the last few weeks—in response to the murder of George Floyd and a long list of racial injustices—are part of the centuries-long goal of making our democracy truly one for all of the people. APSCUF-KU supports Black Lives Matter and the ongoing quest for justice and fairness for all. We stand together in solidarity.

Tom Stewart 

President, APSCUF-KU


March 17, 2020

10 Things to Know

Over the past week, I have heard from dozens of colleagues with questions about the impact of the university’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Now that KU is committed to completing the semester through online classes, we have a clearer picture of what we as faculty members will need to do to finish the semester successfully.

Here are answers to some questions that have come up repeatedly in my correspondence with colleagues. I have been in regular contact with President Hawkinson, Provost Zayaitz, State APSCUF, and our local executive committee to get clarity on these items.

1. There will be no reduction of or disruption to faculty pay this semester.
2. Because of the disruption to the semester and the switch to online classes, we are working at the state and local level to remove any requirements for SRIs this semester. We are also looking to make state and local agreements to adjust the timelines for PET committees on campus.
3. For faculty members who are up for tenure and/or promotion, there will be no change whatsoever in your overall timetable. There may be some minor adjustments to due dates for the tenure and promotion committees to finish their work, but this will not affect the overall process for any of you.
4. There is no expectation that the semester will be extended at this time. Since we are losing a week of class contact, faculty are expected to adjust the course material into the remaining weeks.
5. Although nonessential employees (which includes faculty) are expected to work from home, faculty members will, as I noted in an email yesterday, have access to their offices during this time.
6. Advising will still take place this semester. Faculty members will conduct advising either over the phone, through videoconferencing or email, or through some combination.
7. Student teaching has been cancelled for the time being because K-12 schools are also closed. Supervisors should consider alternate assignments for students. In the meantime, PASSHE is seeking clarification from the Pennsylvania Department of Education about waivers for the 12-week classroom experience for student teachers.
8. In the case of internships, there is a bit more flexibility. If the sponsoring agency is still open or is willing to let the intern work from home, that is fine. If not, the supervisor can work individually with the student to develop alternate assignments.
9. All university-related travel is cancelled at this time.
10. Hiring committees cannot bring candidates onto campus right now, obviously, but they may arrange to conduct phone and video interviews. We will seek further clarification on how hiring committees should proceed as the situation goes forward.


Tom Stewart

President, APSCUF-KU


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