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Welcome to the APSCUF-Clarion website, another tool to enable our members to participate and communicate. APSCUF, the voice of the faculty and coaches here at Clarion University, upholds the highest standards of teaching, scholarly inquiry, and service. We are an organization committed to promoting excellence in all we do to ensure our students receive the highest quality education.


If you are not yet a member, please join us in our efforts. APSCUF is the sole voice for protecting the rights of faculty and coaches. Be a member — and be an active and contributing member. Signup and get involved today!


In solidarity,

Joyce Overly, Chapter President

Clarion APSCUF Fall 2021 Scholarships Awarded

CONGRATULATIONS to the following APSCUF Scholarship winners who were awarded $500 each for the Fall 2021 semester. This year there were 46 outstanding applications submitted by currently enrolled students throughout Clarion and Venango campuses. The scholarship winners were recommended by the APSCUF Scholarship Committee (Committee Chair Dr. Jeffrey Diamond, Dr. Todd Lavin and Dr. Helen Hampikian) and were approved at the Executive Committee meeting on April 6, 2021.

Left to Right:

*APSCUF Child: Miriam Terman (English Secondary Education)

*Graduate: Sarah Traver (Speech Language Pathology)

*Senior: Kaia Rearick (Molecular Biology)

*Junior: Kathryn Robinson (Secondary Education – English & Social Students)

*Freshman/Sophomore: Mackenzie Carver (Biology)

*At Large: Olivia Mott – Secondary Education – English & Social Studies)

THANK YOU! to the members of this year’s Clarion APSCUF Scholarship Committee: Dr. Jeffrey Diamond (Chair), Dr. Todd Lavin and Dr. Helen Hampikian. These scholarships has been made possible by the faculty and coaches of APSCUF.

YMCA Membership Discount for APSCUF/APSCURF Members Only:

Join Scenic Rivers YMCA in Clarion and receive a special membership discount by presenting your membership card OR your Member Verification Certificate from the Clarion APSCUF/APSCURF office to the YMCA Member Service Desk. Know that your membership is for both the Clarion County YMCA and the Oil City YMCA!  Click here for details.



APSCUF-Clarion would like to thank our dedicated committee members for we couldn’t make such an impact without your hard work!

UPCOMING MEETINGS for SUMMER 2021 (all held virtually)

  • Friday, May 14 @ 3:30 pm – Pre-Meet & Discuss
  • Friday, May 21 @ 3:30 pm – Meet & Discuss
  • Wednesday, June 9 @ 2:00 pm – Pre-Meet & Discuss
  • Thursday, June 17 @ 2:00 pm – Meet & Discuss
  • Wednesday, June 30 @ 2:00 pm – Pre-Meet & Discuss
  • Wednesday, July 7 @ 3:00 pm – Meet & Discuss
  • Wednesday, July 28 @ 2:00 pm – Pre-Meet & Discuss
  • Tuesday, August 3 @ 2:00 pm – Meet & Discuss

For a wide variety of information and documents, including contract information, healthcare information, Clarion University policies and more, check out our documentation center.

To access current and archived Clarion newsletters, please click here.

CLARION APSCUF is PROUD to have supported the following:

  • Clarion University Athletic Corporate Sponsorship
  • Clarion University Golf Classic
  • Clarion University Academic Excellence Series
  • Clarion County YMCA
  • Clarion Little League
  • Partners in Teaching

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Chapter President
Joyce Overly

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Jan Walters