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West Chester University

APSCUF-WCU’s purpose is to represent and speak for the Chapter membership on matters related to the contract, and this commitment reflects the bedrock union principle of equal representation of all members. Harassment, discrimination, and abuse of power negatively impact teaching, research, and service pursuits. These actions run contrary to APSCUF-WCU’s continuing efforts to demand and to create a safe, healthy, and inclusive working environment for all.

APSCUF-WCU is committed to a workplace that is free from abuse of power, harassment and discrimination in all forms, including but not limited to race, sex, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, religion, language, disability, and health related characteristics. APSCUF-WCU respects and values a working environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and information where all individuals are treated fairly, equally, justly, and respectfully.



Tue. 23 Executive Committee via Zoom (3:30 PM-5:15 PM)
Tue. 30 Meet and Discuss Team in Sykes, 10A (3:30 PM-5:15 PM)
Thr. 1 State Assembly at the Sheraton, Harrisburg 
Tue. 6 Meet and Discuss in Philips Boardroom (3:30 PM-5:15 PM)
Tue. 13 Department Representatives Council in Anderson, 211/Zoom (3:30 PM-5:15 PM)
Tue. 20 Executive Committee via Zoom (3:30 PM-5:15 PM)
Tue. 27 All Member Meeting with Ken Mash in Anderson, 211/Zoom (3:30 PM-5:15 PM)
Wed. 28 All Member Meeting in Anderson, 211/Zoom (3:30 PM-5:15 PM)
Tue. 5 Meet and Discuss Team in Sykes, 115 (3:30 PM-5:15 PM)
Tue. 19 Meet and Discuss in Philips Boardroom (3:30 PM-5:15 PM)
Tue. 26 Executive Committee via Zoom (3:30 PM-5:15 PM)
Tue. 2 Department Representatives Council in Anderson, 211/Zoom (3:30 PM-5:15 PM)
Tue. 9 Meet and Discuss Team in Sykes, 252 (3:30 PM-5:15 PM)
Tue. 16 Meet and Discuss in Philips Boardroom (3:30 PM-5:15 PM)
Thr. 18 State Assembly at the Sheraton, Harrisburg 
Tue. 23 Election Day – Please Vote!
Tue. 23 Executive Committee via Zoom (3:30 PM-5:15 PM)


Margaret Ervin, President – 610-344-4845 – or
Chris Stangl, Vice President – 610-436-2783 –
Christy Hicks, Grievance Chair – 610-436-3067 –
Clifford Johnston, Corresponding Secretary – 610-436-0432 –
Dana Morrison, Recording Secretary – 610-436-2942 –
Michael Malcolm, Treasurer – 610-738-0413 –
Jenifer Hummer, Mobilization Co-Chair – 610-436-3247 –
Meghan Ramick, Member Support Chair – 610-436-2425 –
Seth Kahn, Mobilization Co-Chair – 610-436-2822 –
Victoria Tischio, Membership Chair – 610-436-1055 –


Ad hoc Adjunct Faculty Committee (Co-Chair), Benjamin Brumley
Ad hoc Adjunct Faculty Committee (Co-Chair), Bill Sawyer
At-Large Executive Committee, Clayton Garthwait
At-Large Executive Committee, Kim Doan
At-Large M&D, Cristóbal Cardemil Krause
At-Large State Delegate of the Executive Committee, Julie Wiest
CAP, Laura Pyott
Grievance, Christy Hicks
Health & Welfare, Meghan Ramick
Legislative, Kim Doan
Meet & Discuss, Chris Stangl
Member Support and Contract Support Enforcement, Meghan Ramick
Membership, Victoria Tischio
Mobilization (Co-Chair), Jenifer Hummer
Mobilization (Co-Chair), Seth Kahn
Nominations & Elections, Clifford Johnston
Public Relations, Andrew Famiglietti
Scholarship Committee, Tiffany Jones
Social Justice Committee (Co-Chair), Justin Sprague
Social Justice Committee (Co-Chair), Liam Liar


State Delegate (Chapter President), Margaret Ervin
State Delegate, Andy Famiglietti
State Delegate, Cassandra Reyes
State Delegate, Chris Stangl
State Delegate, Christy Hicks
State Delegate, Clayton Garthwait
State Delegate, Clifford Johnston
State Delegate, Cristóbal Cardemil-Krause
State Delegate, Dana Morrison
State Delegate, Julie Wiest
State Delegate, Kim Doan
State Delegate, Lisa Millhous
State Delegate, Michael Malcolm
State Delegate, Seth Kahn
State Delegate, Tina Chiarelli-Helminiak
State Delegate, Victoria Tischio
Elected Alternate, Claire Dente
Elected Alternate, Dawn Patterson
Elected Alternate, Randall Cream
Elected Alternate, Wei Du


Anthropology and Sociology Representative, Julie Wiest
Anthropology and Sociology Representative, Jackie Zalewski
Anthropology and Sociology Alternate, Rebecca Chancellor
Art + Design Representative, Kris Benedict
Art + Design Representative, Karen Watkins
Art + Design Alternate, David Jones
Art + Design Alternate, Kate Stewart
Biology Representative, Erin Gestl
Biology Representative, John Pisciotta
Chemistry Representative, Jing Hu
Chemistry Representative, Jim Pruitt
Communication and Media Representative, Elizabeth Munz
Communication and Media Representative, Jeremy McCool
Communication and Media Representative, Roger Gatchet
Communication and Media Alternate, Maxine Gesualdi
Communication and Media Alternate, Mike Boyle
Communication Sciences and Disorders Representative, Sojung Kim
Counseling and Psychological Services Representative, Meg Collins
Counseling and Psychological Services Representative, Bree Gould
Counseling and Psychological Services Alternate, Tammy Hock
Counselor Education Representative, Tina Alessandria
Counselor Education Representative, Naijian Zhang
Counselor Education Alternate, Eric Owens
Counselor Education Alternate, Matt Snyder
Criminal Justice Representative, Michael Antonio
Criminal Justice Representative, Shannon Grugan
Early and Middle Grades Education Representative, Dave Barry
Early and Middle Grades Education Representative, Rosemarie Jagielo-Manion
Earth and Space Representative, Elliot Arnold
Earth and Space Representative, Hal Bosbyshell
Earth and Space Alternate, Joby Hilliker
Economics and Finance Representative, Wei Du
Economics and Finance Representative, Ebru Isgin
Economics and Finance Representative, Matt McMahon
Economics and Finance Alternate, Tom Andrews
Economics and Finance Alternate, Tom Miller
Educational Development Representative, John Craig
Educational Development Alternate, Ann Colgan
Educational Foundations and Policy Studies Representative, Ben Brumley
Educational Foundations and Policy Studies Representative, Jason Wozniak
Educational Foundations and Policy Studies Representative, Kelly Goodman
Educational Leadership and Higher Education Administration Representative, Dave Backer
English Representative, Rachel Banner
English Representative, Timothy Dougherty
English Representative, Stacy Esch
English Representative, Ashley Patriarca
English Representative, Cheryl Wanko
English Representative, Jamie Woodlief
English Representative, Nancy Pearson
English Alternate, Alison Ersheid
English Alternate, Jason Vanfosson
Geography and Planning Representative, Matin Katirai
Geography and Planning Alternate, Gary Coutu
Health Representative, Heather Edelblute
Health Representative, Harry Holt
History Representative, Brenda Gaydosh
History Representative, Steven Gimber
History Alternate, Robert Kodosky
Instrumental Music Representative, Dan Cherry
Instrumental Music Representative, Karen Dannessa
Kinesiology Representative, Ken Clark
Kinesiology Representative, Ed Kubachka
Kinesiology Representative, Dave Stearne
Kinesiology Alternate, Matt Cummiskey
Kinesiology Alternate, Beth Foster
Kinesiology Alternate, Selen Razon
Languages and Cultures Representative, Keith Corbitt
Languages and Cultures Representative, Gloria Hernandez
Languages and Cultures Representative, Iliana Pagan
Languages and Cultures Representative, Margaret Niiler
Languages and Cultures Alternate, Joseph Moser
Languages and Cultures Alternate, Roxane Petit-Rasselle
Languages and Cultures Alternate, Dominik Wolff
Literacy Representative, Sunita Mayor
Literacy Representative, Tina Selvaggi
Literacy Alternate, Lisa Gordon
Literacy Alternate, Heather Waymouth
Management Representative, Phuoc Pham
Management Representative, Blythe Rosikiewicz
Management Representative, Mark Yang
Marketing Representative, Alex Cohen
Marketing Alternate, Tom Elmer
Mathematics Representative, Prema Junius
Mathematics Representative, Cheng Peng
Mathematics Representative, Laura Pyott
Mathematics Alternate, Kim Johnson
Mathematics Alternate, Andre Perkoski
Mathematics Alternate, Barb Swartz
Music Education and Music Therapy Representative, Angela Guerriero
Music Theory, History and Composition Alternate, Jordan Stokes
Nursing Representative, Daniel Bileth
Nursing Representative, Julie McCulloh-Nair
Nursing Representative, Christina VonColln
Nutrition Representative, Michael Holik
Nutrition Representative, Jeanie Subach
Philosophy Representative, Larry Udell
Philosophy Alternate, Robert Main
Physics Representative, Anil Kandalam
Physics Representative, Jeffrey Sudol
Physics Alternate, Diana Chyba
Political Science Representative, Chris Stangl
Political Science Alternate, John Kennedy
Psychology Representative, Susan Gans
Psychology Representative, Lauri Hyers
Psychology Representative, Lia O’Brien
Public Policy and Administration Representative, Allison Turner
Public Policy and Administration Alternate, Amanda Olejarski
Secondary Education Representative, Jenifer Hummer
Social Work Graduate Representative, Todd Vanidestine
Social Work Graduate Alternate, Pier Cicerelle
Social Work Graduate Alternate, Alison Neff
Social Work Undergraduate Representative, Erin Hipple
Social Work Undergraduate Representative, Susan Wysor Nguema
Social Work Undergraduate Alternate, Brie Radis
Special Education Representative, Christy Hicks
Special Education Representative, Dawn Patterson
Special Education Representative, Kim Doan
Special Education Alternate, Colleen Commisso
Sports Medicine Representative, Jen Anderson
Sports Medicine Representative, Neil Curtis
Sports Medicine Alternate, Katie Morrison
Theatre and Dance Representative, Julie Wunsch
Theatre and Dance Alternate, Thomas Haughey
University Libraries Representative, Clayton Garthwait
University Libraries Alternate, Katie Manwiller
Vocal and Keyboard Representative, Vincent Craig
Vocal and Keyboard Alternate, Emily Bullock
Women and Gender Studies Representative, Martha Donkor
Women and Gender Studies Alternate, Justin Sprague


Innovation in Diversity & Inclusion Grants Council (APSCUF Appointee), Lesley Siegel
President’s Budget (APSCUF Appointee), Clifford Johnston
President’s Commission on the Status of Women (APSCUF Appointee), Martha Donkor
Tenure and Promotion Workshop (APSCUF Appointee), Vincent Craig

Office Manager

Monika Mayer – 610-436-1064 –

Phone: 610-436-1064
Fax: 610-738-0405
Address: 811 Roslyn Ave.
West Chester, PA 19383

Chapter President Margaret Ervin
Office Manager Monika Mayer
Faculty Grievance Chair Christy Hicks
Member Support Chair Meghan Ramick
Coach Grievance Chair Kiera Wooden

Who to contact