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2023-24: An outstanding year for member accomplishments

With the academic year behind us, here are some stories from the past year showcasing the accomplishments of our faculty and coaches.

Bloomsburg University Professor Darlene Perner received the Burton Blatt Humanitarian Award from the Council for Exceptional Children’s Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities.

Cheyney University Associate Professor Gooyong Kim published his work on the pandemic rise of BTS, a Korean pop band.

PennWest California recognized Associate Professor Anthony Carlisle with the C.B. Wilson Distinguished Faculty Award.

Bree Kelley, the head coach of the PennWest Clarion Golden Eagle swimming and diving team, was named to the Berks County Aquatic Hall of Fame.

East Stroudsburg University Assistant Professor Steven Boyer presented his work on general chemistry education at the National American Chemical Society Conference.

Laurie Parendes, a professor in the biology and health-sciences department at PennWest Edinboro, presented at the “Geography of Somewhere” event at the campus’s Bruce Gallery.

Anthropology Professor Ben Ford of Indiana University received a Fulbright Award to be used for a study in Portugal.

Kutztown University Professor Maria Asteriadou was inducted into the Steinway and Sons Teacher Hall of Fame.

Jamie Foor, assistant professor at Lock Haven University, gave a presentation on population aging at the Clearfield Campus.

Jonathan Rothermel, associate professor of political science at Mansfield University, started a conversation on the term limits of the American presidency.

The Pennsylvania School Counselors Association named Millersville University’s Richard Joseph “Joe” Behun, an associate professor of psychology, its Counselor Educator of the Year.

Pennsylvania Athletic Trainer’s Society presented Shippensburg University’s Tanya Miller, assistant director of sports medicine, with its 2024 Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award.

Slippery Rock University Professor Jason Hilton and Associate Professor Wayne Forbes published an article in the International Journal of Teaching and Case Studies on the movement of the classroom from an in-person environment to a virtual one, and how that has changed professors.

Jacqueline Alnes, an assistant professor of creative writing at West Chester University, published her book, “The Fruit Cure.”

What an outstanding year for our members! It is always a pleasure to show these accomplishments to their peers. Tag us on our socials, or email with any moments you would like to share about an APSCUF member.

—Jesse Daugherty,
APSCUF intern

APSCUF intern passionate about public service

IUP student Jesse Daugherty will intern with APSCUF’s government-and-communication department through August. Click here to learn more about APSCUF internships. Photo/Submitted

My name is Jesse Daugherty, and I am a junior political-science major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Throughout my time at Indiana University, I have developed into a much more complete version of myself, guided by our amazing faculty who do so much for us and the surrounding community. I believe access to quality education at an affordable price is important, which led me to APSCUF. It is with great pride that I get the chance to work with an organization that advocates for us as students, our professors and coaches, and our university communities.

After graduation, I hope to continue my education to fuel my passion for public service. My career goal is to one day be a city or borough manager. I also plan to run for public office. I’m absolutely thrilled to be with APSCUF and can’t wait to get started!

—Jesse Daugherty,
APSCUF intern

See Dr. Kenneth M. Mash’s remarks to the Board of Governors – May 22, 2024

The May 22 Board of Governors meeting streamed via YouTube. Below are APSCUF President Dr. Kenneth M. Mash’s comments as prepared.

Chairwoman Shapira, Chancellor Greenstein, governors, presidents, and guests. I am Ken Mash, and I am the statewide president of the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties.

I have a few brief comments today — this day on which you will name a new president for PennWest University.

First, I wanted to take a moment to congratulate President Christopher Fiorentino on his retirement. I want to do so not only on behalf of my colleagues at West Chester, but also on behalf of my colleagues around the State System.

Among the faculty at West Chester, he has had a reputation for being smart, fair-minded, competent, and considerate. These same traits were on display when my colleagues and I had a chance to work with him during multiple contract negotiations. Of course, we did not always agree, but even when disagreeing, one always sensed that it was a disagreement among colleagues who shared the same basic values.

Of course, he was at one time one of us, which is also true of his provost and now his successor. I know that my colleagues at PennWest feel that during her time as interim president, Dr. Laurie Bernotsky restored a sense of competence, openness, and collegiality.

My PennWest colleagues felt that, with Interim President Bernotsky, the university for the first time was beginning to build a strong culture of shared governance. Our APSCUF leaders at PennWest want to know that this will continue.

Further, there was a rational plan put into place for that university. My colleagues badly want to maintain the momentum they were building.

There are battle scars at PennWest. And there remains the sense that the faculty stepped up to make the institution work, at times keeping the university running with duct tape. They went way beyond their responsibilities to make sure that students were taken care of. Unfortunately, they felt that they were taken advantage of — that they were left to figure out the details on the fly because of a lack of details in the integration plans approved by this board.

The faculty are still taken aback by what they feel was the rushed nature of this presidential search, despite their calls for patience. Still, they look forward to progress, but they are weary. They want assurances that there will not be irrational cutting of programs or the laying off of faculty.

Above all, they want competence, rationality, quality leadership, and stability. They are not particularly interested in a presidential vision for the future. They want to make certain that the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed. Like so many of our System students, they are not afraid of doing the work.

But they don’t want fancy, they don’t want jargon, they don’t want “interesting ideas.” They want to do what we all do well: make certain that our students receive the best possible experience and that their university will remain an engine for student success.

With that, I look forward to congratulating the next president. Know that there are big challenges, but that you have faculty who look forward to the university’s success.

See Dr. Kenneth M. Mash’s remarks to the Board of Governors – April 11, 2024

The April 11 Board of Governors meeting was streamed via YouTube. Below are APSCUF President Dr. Kenneth M. Mash’s comments as prepared. The embedded video is set to start with Mash’s remarks.

Chair Shapira, chancellor Greenstein, governors, presidents, and guests:

The last few years have been challenging ones indeed. And many of my faculty and coach colleagues have stretched themselves to the limit to survive a pandemic and its aftermath, including the too-little-talked-about impact of working with students who through no fault of their own were no longer socialized to the classroom. They have had to make consolidation work (despite their personal perspectives on the decision). They have had to adjust their teaching and coaching based on the changing needs of students. They have adapted to new modes of teaching. They have dealt with the continued financial squeezes that confront our universities and continually figure out how to do more with less. They have had to adjust to new systems on the fly. They have had to deal with circumstances mandated from above as our administrations have attempted to follow the instructions of this Board and System leadership. They have had to rewrite curriculum, deal with a new human-resources organization, meet new fundraising goals, and respond to multiple university policy changes. And that’s the short list.

They have gone through all of this while trying to help their students succeed. Chair Shapira, Chancellor Greenstein, governors: Nobody cares more about student success than my colleagues, our colleagues in other bargaining units, and all of the staff that work day to day to make sure that the System lives up to its charge of providing a high quality education at an affordable price.

Thus, my coach and faculty colleagues are relieved to have new contracts and they are appreciative of the fact that these agreements go a long way toward recognizing their contributions. We are appreciative of the members of the negotiating teams that gave so much to reach an agreement. We especially appreciate the chancellor’s participation at the negotiation — we do know it is a rare thing to have a System leader who is willing to get down into the weeds and do the difficult work of negotiating a very complex faculty contract.

I have said publicly that we believe there is much to be proud of in these contracts, and those who read them thoroughly will see changes that will reflect well on our System and, in fact, I believe our System will be pointed to as a leader in higher education because of some of these important changes.

Thank you very much for your attention.


BOG approves APSCUF contracts

The Board of Governors of Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education today approved APSCUF’s faculty and coach collective bargaining agreements. Click here to read the release.

Photo: Signing the APSCUF contracts are, from left, State System Board Chair Cynthia D. Shapira, APSCUF President Dr. Kenneth M. Mash and Chancellor Daniel Greenstein. APSCUF photo/Sean Crampsie

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