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APSCUF backs California Faculty Association standing up for students | APSCUF
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As many of you know, California Faculty Association members have been picketingin advance of a planned one-day strike this Thursday at two California State University campuses. APSCUF President Steve Hicks will join our CFA colleagues in Dominguez Hills to demonstrate support. Here’s our statement:

The members of the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (ASPCUF) stand beside our colleagues in California as they fight against the chancellor’s misplaced priorities for the California State University system. The chancellor wants to increase the salaries of administrators on the backs of students, who have a

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lready experienced skyrocketing, record-breaking tuition and fees over the past several years. APSCUF joins the California Faculty Association (CFA) in calling for a return to focus on educational quality and affordability for students, demonstrated by a shift in resources back to instructional needs and increased investment in the mission of the state system.

We also support the CFA in their attempt to move the chancellor to abide by the collective bargaining agreement signed in 2007 and the fact-finding determination this year. The faculty and coaches of APSCUF support the one-day strike at the East Bay and Dominguez Hills campuses because students deserve to benefit from an affordable, high-quality education.

The Council of UC Faculty Associations, along with many other friends from the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education, have voiced their support, as well.

If you’d like to lend a few words, please visit the California Faculty Association Facebook page or Tweet to them at @CFA_News with the hashtag #csustrike.