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Last week, Cheyney University announced that faculty layoffs were possible at the end of the upcoming academic year. Dr. Kenneth M. Mash, president of the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF), is issuing the following statement:

“Cheyney University has threatened to layoff faculty members every year for the last four years. While Cheyney’s problems are well documented by the press and government officials, it baffles the mind how laying off faculty members will help them solve any of these issues. It is particularly puzzling when one considers that the number of faculty has declined over the past seven years, but their management numbers have remained remarkably steady. It is unfathomable that Cheyney, which a few years ago had a 3:1 faculty to manager ratio, is now close to 2:1

“Now, more than ever, it is time for Cheyney to step up, grow, and do more. By threatening to layoff faculty for the fourth year in a row, Cheyney has signaled their intent to revert to their previous tactics that have had an adverse effect on recruitment and retention.

“The mission of Cheyney University is still relevant today. One only need to look at the news articles about race sweeping this nation on an almost daily basis. It is crucial that Cheyney University not only find a way to survive, but to thrive. It is APSCUF’s sincerest hope that Cheyney University’s management pursues a more rational path to fiscal solvency.”