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Several universities in the State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) recently reviewed their weapons policies at the request of PASSHE’s central office. Kutztown University opted to lift an existing weapons ban and permit weapons in open areas on campus. Because faculty members and the press raised questions about Kutztown’s new policy, the PASSHE Board of Governors has asked that the other universities hold off on changing their weapons policies until a task force reviews the situation.


APSCUF’s Executive Council met on Friday, May 17, and adopted the following position statement on PASSHE’s weapons policy:

APSCUF believes the best learning environment for students is one in which all members of the university community feel safe from the threat of violence. APSCUF believes that this is best secured by reliance on university security and police professionals. Given the free flow of traffic on a college campus to academic buildings, dormitories, and extracurricular events, APSCUF believes that the best policy remains one where deadly weapons are prohibited from campus (except as secured by university police). APSCUF further believes that prior to changing policies regarding deadly weapons, PASSHE and university officials should fully consult with all constituent groups in the campus community.