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APSCUF’s September 2019 legislative assembly approved the following resolution about Article 3 Advocate Programs.

Whereas Article 3 of the collective bargaining agreement states: “Neither party hereto nor any FACULTY MEMBER shall discriminate against any other FACULTY MEMBER or candidate for employment on the basis of race, creed, color, sex (including discrimination by sexual harassment), handicap or disability, life style, family status, age, national origin, APSCUF membership or activity or lack thereof, political belief and/or affiliation, or on account of any other basis prohibited by law”;

Whereas APSCUF has an obligation to represent all members equally, both in terms of legal representation and forms of support;

Whereas such equal representation cannot occur without proactive work to remedy the current imbalance of support between accused faculty members and faculty complainants;

Whereas West Chester University and other PASSHE APSCUF Chapters has developed or are developing an Article 3 Advocate program (see Addendum as example) to ensure support, information, and direction to complainants;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that statewide APSCUF will commit to supporting a statewide initiative for Article 3 Advocate trainings or APSCUF sponsored similar programs;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that statewide APSCUF fund this in the amount of $4,200 for a statewide training program and local training initiatives.