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The State Government Committees of both the House and the Senate have now moved anti-union legislation one step closer to becoming law by referring them out of their committees.  Dubbed “Paycheck Protection” by anti-union groups like the Commonwealth Foundation, these bills severely restrict the ability of public sector unions—including APSCUF—by prohibiting the Commonwealth from deducting dues from paychecks for anything beyond fair share.  They would also restrict a union’s ability to advocate in the legislature on behalf of their membership, meaning there would be no voice for APSCUF in the legislative process on important issues like funding for public higher education or protection of retirement benefits.

Senate Bill 1034 and House Bill 1507 are clear attempts to weaken and silence union members in order to maximize the power of other outside groups. The Commonwealth currently allows payroll deductions that benefit charities, retirement companies, and insurance companies that advocate on behalf of their members.  However, only unions are singled out in these bills.  We cannot allow this attempt to go unchallenged.

Please immediately contact your Senator and Representative and ask them to stand up to this attempt to challenge your collective voice.  Ask them to OPPOSE Senate Bill 1034 and House Bill 1507.