Next week, the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP) will be holding a vote on Resolution 1, which supports House  Bill 1507 (the Paycheck Deception Bill.) Supporters of HB1507 (the Paycheck Deception Bill) claim that union collection of dues and political contributions through payroll deductions would be costly to employers. However, further review shows clear evidence in Pennsylvania and other states that it is virtually costless. From the United Way to Highmark, hundreds of groups benefit from automatic payroll deduction.  If it is so costly to employers, why are they not subject to HB1507 too?

The Paycheck Deception Bill solely intends to weaken unions like APSCUF by making collection of dues as difficult as possible.Proponents of Paycheck Deception are losing the battle on the state level, where unions have stood up and exposed the true intent of the bill—to weaken unions and clear the way for Right-to-Work.  Now they’re trying to build pressure from at the local level.   Don’t let it happen.

Email your County Commissioners and ask them to VOTE NO on Resolution 1 at the CCAP Conference next week. Resolution 1 is IN SUPPORT of HB 1507, which is what we have all been working so hard to oppose. The strength of our union depends on it.