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The professors and coaches of APSCUF know that their fellow members are not just dedicated to their professional organization. APSCUF members are equally dedicated to their universities, their students and their communities.

That’s why it’s no surprise when East Stroudsburg went looking to recognize faculty members with its annual Distinguished Professor Award, they came up with two of APSCUF’s best – Dr. Elzar Camper Jr. and Dr. Kenneth Mash. As most APSCUF members know, Ken is currently serving as the state vice president, a member of Meet and Discuss and a negotiations team member. Over the past year, Ken and the APSCUF leadership have been active in the fight for a

Dr. Elzar Camper and Dr. Ken Mash Honored as ESU Distinguished Professorsdequate funding for our State System universities.

In addition to teaching, Ken continues to conduct research in judicial politics, constitutional law and political theory. In the state APSCUF office, he is a great friend and mentor to all. We’re just not sure when he sleeps.

Congrats Dr. Camper and Dr. Mash!