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Dr. Ellen Foster, candidate for audit committee

Campaign statement

In my first term on the State APSCUF Audit Committee, I have learned a great deal about the financial operations of State APSCUF — how our membership dues support the excellent work of the state office (the physical plant and operations, our outreach and involvement across the state, for instance) and our individual chapters. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to continue this work and opportunity to contribute to our faculty union.


I’m a professor of English and director of Integrative Studies at Clarion University. I’ve been a member of APSCUF since 2001 (as a temporary faculty member at Slippery Rock University). As a full-time faculty member at Clarion University since 2004, I have served our local chapter as chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee (6 years), a member of that committee (2 years), Alternate Delegate to the Legislative Assembly (4 years), and an active participant in local activities engaging students and our fellow faculty. In Summer 2016, I was an APSCUF Faculty Intern; I cannot emphasize enough what a rich and worthwhile learning opportunity that was, to see the daily operations of our union in the office and in the capital’s legislative bodies. Through that experience as well as my long-time involvement at the local chapter level, I sought additional opportunities to serve our union. I have served on the State APSCUF Audit Committee for the last 2 years, and I would like to continue in that role, to contribute to our statewide organization.