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Campaign For Future Higher Education Report Summary

The Center for the Future of Higher Education recently released its second report “Who is Professor ‘Staff’ and how can this person teach so many classes?”

The report — a collaboration with the New Faculty Majority Foundation — critiques the trends in faculty hiring that impact student learning conditions. The report is based on a survey of 500 contingent faculty teaching in institutions across the country. It argues that higher education institutions hire low-wage adjunct faculty at the last minute and ask them to teach large classes with limited access to instructional resources. These actions lead to inadequate working conditions for temporary faculty and shortchange students.

APSCUF is proud to represent temporary faculty members and will continue to fight for fair and equitable working conditions for all faculty members and coaches at the fourteen state-owned universities. Because of our collective efforts, temporary faculty members at State System institutions have better wages and working conditions than their colleagues at other colleges and universities, but we can do better.

For more information about “Who is Professor ‘Staff’ and how can this person teach so many classes?” see articles in Inside Higher Ed and the Chronicle of Higher Education.