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Make the call! Pennsylvania Call to Action for public education set for tomorrow | APSCUF
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This Wednesday Education Voters of Pennsylvania, along with other organizations across the state, will be hosting a Statewide “Call” to Action for Public Education. We support this initiative and understand that public education has been severely impacted overall by Governor Corbett. We ask APSCUF members to join in this effort and send a message to our elected officials to invest in public education. On Tuesday, Feb. 7, Governor Corbett will deliver his 2012-13 budget address. Last year, the Governor called for a 54 percent cut in funding for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE). This attack on public higher education caught many of us off guard. On Jan. 4, Governor Corbett requested an additional 5 percent freeze on PASSHE, which would bring the total loss in state appropriations to more than $112 million. The budget cuts have impacted our campuses with larger class sizes, department realignments/closures and faculty/staff freezes and retrenchment. These cuts also required a tuition increase of 7.5 percent ($436 dollar increase) for our s

Pennsylvania State Capitol Dometudents.

We are asking you to take a few minutes out of your day to make a call to the Governor’s office and to your local elected officials. With your help, we can continue to advocate for our students to receive a quality education at an affordable price.

Click HERE to plug in your zip code to find your legislator to call. You can contact the Governor’s office by calling 717-787-2500.

Want to know what to say? Here are some quick talking points to frame the conversation: points.

— Laura