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APSCUF President Dr. Jamie Martin discussed consolidation, affordability, retrenchment and funding during an episode of “The Rick Smith Show” this week.

“I don’t understand the ‘why’ of this,” Martin said of consolidation. “We’ve heard a lot that we have to do something. I kept trying to say, ‘Maybe we should make sure we’re doing the right thing and not just some thing.’ But this train is rolling down the tracks, so we’ll keep asking the questions that we need to ask as we’re moving forward, but the ‘why’ isn’t clear to me.”

On funding for Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education universities, she said, “I see this as a moral choice, an ethical choice. What is it we’re willing to fund? What is we want to fund, and what is it we’re choosing not to?”

Click here or on the embedded video above to watch the full interview. The link is cued to play at the start of Martin’s segment.