The 2011-12 state budget cut funding for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education by more than $90 million — resulting in a 7.5 percent tuition hike for students. The 14 state-owned universities have also seen larger class sizes and fewer faculty and staff this year.

Here’s a report from a student at Lock Haven University:


I have seen larger class sizes (didn’t affect me in my personal tiny classes), I have heard of our scene shop paying student workers fewer hours, and I lost a professor in my department due to the cut. Now I must return back to learning under a professor who is not able to help me become a better musician. (I’m a music ed/theater performance major)
Roxanne Huber
August 31, 2011

And here’s another one from Clarion University:
Thanks to the budget cuts my two best friends are unable to come back to college. They are both intelligent well rounded ladies who don’t deserve to have there education taken away due to lack of funds. Thanks Tom Corbett!
Savannah Jerashen
August 22, 2011

The English department chair at Slippery Rock, Dr. Jace Condravy described how the university has eliminated a writing course from its graduation requirements, cut the time students spent in science labs and cut back on funding for professional development.

Dr. Paul Quinn is a physics professor at Kutztown, and he explained how his university has cut an advising center for undeclared students and increased class sizes, which means less one-on-one time with students.

As the English department chair at Clarion, Dr. Elizabeth MacDaniel expressed her concern with cancellations of upper-level classes, which are important for majors to complete their degree on time.

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