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Respect our coaches

The campaign

We are asking everyone who is willing to don a “RESPECT OUR COACHES” button. If you are willing, show up wearing the button to a game or meet. Maybe even bring a sign saying the same thing. Our goal is to spark discussion about the need for coaches to be respected as they negotiate their next collective bargaining agreement. Our solidarity is necessary for coaches to get the respect they deserve.

If you are interested in getting a button and participating in this campaign, contact your chapter office for information about buttons and solidarity activities surrounding them. If you have questions, contact .


Zoom graphics

Download “Respect our coaches” Zoom graphics using the links below. Click here to learn how to change your virtual Zoom background. (Follow the User instructions.)

Download Zoom backgrounds with the regular APSCUF logo:

Social-media graphics

Phone graphic

Printable sign

  • Headed to an athletic event? Break out your markers or paint to make a “Respect our coaches” sign. We always prefer and encourage handmade signs; however, if you feel your handwriting is truly illegible, here is one you can download and print on letter-size printer paper.