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Peruse vintage postcards, historical documents, athletic programs, 100-year-old examinations and more in the State APSCUF office. APSCUF President Dr. Kenneth M. Mash has donated his eBay finds to display in the organization’s Harrisburg headquarters, and we’ve moved some existing historical displays into more prominent locations throughout the office. Some of the items on display have reverse sides or contents rendered inaccessible through framing, so visitors can relax in the lobby and thumb through “Artifacts in the APSCUF office,” a book showing the reverse sides of postcards, the pages of a football program, and more. (Our favorite postcard message: “Well Miss Emma, I would like to here (sic) from you. My number is 3443 in the book. W.F.J. I am a (sic) assit (sic) baggage agent, and I am single.”)

If you have artifacts you’d like to donate, we’d love to give them a good home. Old State System yearbooks, sports programs, other event programs, paintings, etc., are welcome. Contact with a description and photograph of your items.


Top: Postcards from all 14 State System universities are on display in the State APSCUF lobby in Harrisburg.

Center: “Artifacts in the APSCUF office,” depicts the reverse sides of postcards, the pages of a football program, and other artifact scans.

Bottom: Shippensburg University’s APSCUF chapter donated vintage APSCUF posters to the State APSCUF office. Thank you!