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Sick Bank Leave

What do you do when you need more sick time? … tap into the APSCUF Sick Leave Bank!

Did you know?

  • APSCUF maintains a Sick Leave Bank (SLB) for faculty who have exhausted their accumulated paid leave and personal days, and who have suffered an absence related to personal illness, injury, or accident.
  • APSCUF members who meet the above criteria may submit a request to use days from the SLB for up to a total of 90 days in one calendar year. (This includes the faculty member’s own sick leave – for example, if a faculty member has used the last 75 of his/her own sick leave and personal days and has applied for an additional 25 days from the SLB, the SLB committee may only award 15 days of sick leave from the bank.)
  • The application for SLB days is available in the local APSCUF chapter offices.
  • All SLB applications are reviewed by the chair of the APSCUF Health & Welfare Committee and the APSCUF president and vice-president.
  • All SLB applications are confidential.
  • The SLB application should be accompanied by documentation from the faculty member’s physician.
  • Faculty can make volunteer contributions to the bank when the regular resources of the bank have been depleted.
  • The APSCUF Office will solicit donations when this occurs. Donations cannot be made directly to coworkers.
  • All faculty members who have accumulated at least 315 days of sick leave are required to contribute one day per year.

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