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Today, the Pennsylvania Senate is expected to vote on “paycheck protection” SB501. This bill proposes to severely threaten the existence and effectiveness of public sector unions—including APSCUF. The bill seeks to prohibit the Commonwealth from deducting dues from paychecks for anything other than fair share. APSCUF’s ability to service its members would be devastated.

The bill would also virtually destroy APSCUF’s ability to lobby the legislature on behalf of our membership and our students. This purely punitive measure goes after unions because we have been effective in protecting retirement benefits, advocating for increased revenues, and speaking up for our students.

The deep-pocketed supporters of SB501 clearly want to have free reign to impose their agenda without any countervailing voice speaking up for working-class Pennsylvanians. For them it is not enough that the US Supreme Court has granted them the ability to funnel unlimited sums of money to those who support their agendas, they seek to eliminate all opposition.

Those who use taxpayer dollars they have received from contracts with the Commonwealth will continue to be able to do whatever they desire. Only unions are being singled out.

Please immediately contact your Senator ask them to OPPOSE Senate Bill 501.