In keeping with the season, we thought we’d do our own little Thanksgiving list:

We’re thankful for the staff at APSCUF.

We’re thankful we aren’t public university faculty in New Jersey, where we’d have to figure out which 7 days we weren’t working & not getting paid.

We’re thankful there’s a Holiday Inn East in Harrisburg.

We’re thankful there’s another election in two years.

We’re thankful there’s turkey & trimming on Thursday.

We’re thankful for all the union activists who make APSCUF run.

We’re thankful Verizon is going to offer iPads, too.

We are thankful that the CBA makes retrenchment difficult, though we wish it were more so.
That we have been able to work closely with AAUP, PSEA, and other unions.
We’re thankful for our friends and families.
Happy Thanksgiving.
— Steve & Ken