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Intern Corrinne

Mansfield University student Corrinne Rebuck, center, listens to the communications presentation at APSCUF’s July executive council meeting. Rebuck worked in the state office this summer, and today is the final day of her communications and government-relations internship with the union. Click here to learn more about future APSCUF internships.

I originally applied for the APSCUF internship out of curiosity about how unions operate and are involved in politics. I soon discovered I would receive much more out of this internship than I originally anticipated.

From writing blog posts to experiencing the political process in the Capitol, I quickly realized I had a lot to learn and that this internship was going to provide me with the experiences I desired.

One of the first things I learned was the impact politics have on APSCUF’s interests and issues. Making sure I was up-to-date on news and legislation was one of my favorite tasks during my internship, especially since I was a few minutes away from the Capitol.

Communication experience was another large element of this internship, and I had the opportunity to be highly involved in multiple communication projects. I was especially excited to participate in these projects because they were a great way to get to know some of the faculty members across the State System. Through these projects, I learned how valuable good communication skills are in the professional field and that there is always room for improvement.

The associate director of communications was excellent in distributing critical feedback on the work I submitted and providing me with multiple opportunities to put my newly acquired skills into practice. I wrote several blog posts, assisted in newsletter releases, and proofread multiple documents for the organization.

You may still be wondering why an APSCUF internship is for you. I can assure you this experience provided me with several networking opportunities where I could further figure out the career direction I wanted to pursue. Many of the professionals I met are alumni from the State System schools, so I was able to network with several individuals who had similar backgrounds as mine.

When you intern for APSCUF, you will be treated as a regular staff member, not an intern. From Day 1, I felt like part of the staff, and I was included in almost anything the staff thought beneficial for me. The staff is also more than welcoming of new ideas and shows a continued willingness to answer a multitude of questions.

As a student, this internship is a great way to have an inside look into what makes our universities work — the faculty and coaches. Having a union to support these influential people in our lives is vital, as many of the issues they face run parallel to our educational experience.

I would not have realized how important APSCUF is to our universities had it not been for this internship. Experiencing the political process, learning excellent communication skills, and gaining an inside look into our faculty’s union are just a few of the beneficial elements you will gain from this internship. My time at APSCUF has certainly been beneficial for my future career endeavors.

Corrinne Rebuck is entering her senior year at Mansfield University, where she majors in human resources and political science.