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I accepted my final internship offer with APSCUF and was overwhelmed with excitement. After spending my first college years in a world recovering from a pandemic and slowly returning to in-person activities, I was eager to participate in a hybrid internship experience. While I spent many days in front of my computer completing projects and attending Zoom meetings, I could not be more grateful for Sean (Crampsie, director of government relations) and Kathryn (Morton, communications director)’s commitment to providing me the best in-person days at the State APSCUF office.

Shippensburg University student Madison Johnson interned with APSCUF’s government-and-communication department this summer. Click here to learn more about APSCUF internships.

As a political-science major, spending days in the Capitol were extremely interesting and valuable. I attended fundraisers, sat in on the house Rules Committee, and spent many hours networking with lobbyists, senators, and state representatives. When I wasn’t in Harrisburg, I completed projects including research and policy analysis. I am extremely grateful to have had this experience during the peak of budget season, as it provided me a different perspective compared with that of the classroom.

While my interests were heavily geared toward government relations, knowledge in the world of communication and public relations is extremely valuable. I spent many days discussing various writing projects, proofreading newsletters, conducting interviews, and honing my professional writing skills.

To conclude my internship, APSCUF President Dr. Kenneth M. Mash and I took to the set of “Behind the Headlines” to discuss student debt and higher-education funding in Pennsylvania. The complexity of public relations is often overlooked, so having this experience has been extremely insightful.

My experience with APSCUF has been invaluable. I could not be more grateful for the opportunities that I have had through this organization. This internship has allowed me to build incredible connections while sparking new interests. If you are looking for an internship experience that will allow you to participate in your field, hands on, then you should apply for an internship with APSCUF. You will not regret it.

—Madison Johnson,
APSCUF intern, summer 2022