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Today’s Janus v. AFSCME decision, in which the Supreme Court ruled against public-sector unions, is an attack on unions and working people, but we remain united. We stand with our union sisters and brothers. We are APSCUF proud.

So, what can you do now? First, make sure you’re a full member. If you’re not sure or know you need to become one, you can contact your chapter office manager and start the simple process of joining APSCUF.

On social media, you can share a photo of yourself with #APSCUFproud and #union signs. Be sure to tag APSCUF or send them to so we’ll be sure to see and share them. Don’t have a paper sign? Head over to our Facebook page to add this overlay:

If you’re not already, now is a critical time to get involved with APSCUF. Contact your chapter or state leadership to find out how you can share your time and talents to galvanize our union.

We will continue to stand together for quality, affordable public higher education — and for working people.