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In its APSCUF Life series, APSCUF goes behind the scenes to show how faculty members and coaches continue to devote themselves to affordable, quality education even when class is not in session.

Sometimes APSCUF’s state office feels more like a time capsule than a workplace. We’re surrounded by artifacts from the organization’s almost-80-year history.

Items such as this 1990s advertisement explaining how state university faculty members spend their time. Two decades later (Where did the time go?), it’s a message we’re still sharing — because it’s an important one. Today we’re spreading the word with #APSCUFlife instead of America Online (Our AOL keyword was APSCUFHBG.), but the point is the same: Our faculty members (and now coaches, for whom APSCUF has been collectively bargaining since the early 2000s) are dedicated to quality public higher education not just in the classroom, but outside it, in their research, and in their communities.

APSCUF Life ad