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APSCUF President, Dr. Kenneth M. Mash, is issuing the following statement regarding the review of Cheyney University’s financial aid office:

“APSCUF has read with grave concern the review of Cheyney University’s financial aid that reports errors in 85 percent of the records for federal grants and loans over a three-year period; $29.6 million may be owed to the federal government. It is important to remember that the failures that occurred are not the fault of Cheyney University students, alumni, faculty, or coaches. Cheyney’s historical commitment to provide opportunity and access for students of diverse backgrounds is as relevant today as it has always been, and there are students for whom Cheyney’s nurturing environment is the best path for future success. What Cheyney University clearly needs, and what its current and prospective students rightly deserve, is strong leadership and a bold plan to serve those students who truly need it to be a strong institution. We look forward to working with those who truly care about the University’s future.”