Los Angeles — (date & time unclear)

I am in L.A. at the invitation of the California Faculty Association (CFA) — the meeting was referred to in Friday’s Inside Higher Ed article .

There are somewhere between 65-70 attendees from 21 states. Last night’s dinner opening meeting was a bit like a revival: everyone got (pretty literally) a minute to stand up & witness about what’s happening to higher Ed in the U.S.

Almost unanimously we agreed a central reason for committing to come here was to give faculty a voice in the current discussions about higher Ed.

During the discussions, I heard about this article that articulates one aspect of our concern — http://www.truth-out.org/beyond-swindle-corporate-university-higher-education-service-democracy66945.

That’s enough reading.

From sunny (okay, not yet) L.A.

— Steve