Dr. Clifford Johnston, candidate for treasurer

Campaign statement

I am asking for your support in the election for APSCUF Treasurer. I view the role of Treasurer as far more than preparing the state APSCUF budget and approving vouchers. The Treasurer has the job of making sure the organization puts its money where its mouth is. As Treasurer, I will advise the membership and leadership how to best allocate financial and other resources to accomplish the goals and priorities of APSCUF. Moreover, as part of the Executive Committee, I plan to use my experience to help APSCUF navigate the many challenges that loom on the horizon including the COVID-19 aftermath and the PASSHE redesign and sustainability plans. Many of these issues concern how the state system allocates its financial resources, and my experience with PASSHE budgets will provide insights to hold PASSHE accountable to the priorities of our students and faculty. Thank you for your consideration.


I am a member of the mathematics department at West Chester University. I am currently a WCU state delegate, WCU APSCUF Corresponding Secretary, and chair of the State Meet and Discuss Team.

I have been active in APSCUF for nearly 25 years. I first served locally as Corresponding Secretary and State Delegate. After being WCU grievance chair and Meet and Discuss chair, I was elected local chapter President in 2005 and served as president for six years. I joined the State Meet and Discuss team in 2007 and became chair and spokesman for State Meet and Discuss in 2015. I’ve also served on the state-wide Rules and By-laws Committee and the state APSCUF Budget Committee. I’ve assisted with the APSCUF leadership workshops and helped write the by-laws for our current negotiations structure.

Throughout my time in APSCUF, I’ve been a strong advocate for all our system universities and have put that advocacy into practice by working with APSCUF colleagues at several universities including our nearest neighbor Cheyney University. As a graduate of Mansfield, I know the value of all our institutions, from the smallest to the largest.