Our organization represents the faculty and coaches who have devoted themselves to providing quality higher education for Pennsylvania students. We invite legislators, students, parents, alumni, members, and the media to learn more about our organization and what we stand for.

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Latest from the blog

Join the Black Lives Matter Week of Action organizing call

APSCUF's social-justice committee and authors of a recent resolution passed by the legislative assembly are holding a conference call 6 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 6, with all members interested in organizing for the 2020 Black Lives Matter Week of Action. See the flyer below...

West Chester University student wins State APSCUF scholarship

Photo/WCU APSCUF Congratulations to West Chester University student Cassie Rumbough, our 2019 State APSCUF Scholarship winner. WCU APSCUF President Mark Rimple, right, presented the scholarship last week. Information about the 2020 scholarship is on the students page...

Three cheers for our faculty negotiators!

  We have an agreement in principle for the faculty contract. Click here to read today's release. APSCUF faculty members should check their campus emails for additional information sent this morning.

APSCUF faculty-contract negotiations move forward

Negotiators from APSCUF and Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education engage in interest-based bargaining Monday, Aug. 19, at the APSCUF office in Harrisburg. Photo/Kathryn Morton Faculty-contract negotiators were back at the table for a two-day interest-based...

APSCUF summer intern: Work for a union that’s working for you

From busy state budget meetings at the Capitol to trips across the state, my summer was filled with new experiences as an APSCUF intern. The varying degree of work I was able to complete while at APSCUF provided me with an insider view of state politics and union...

Faculty negotiations to continue into September

The Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties and Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education have released a joint statement about this todays contract negotiations. Click here to read the release.

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