Some quick news this afternoon from the Legislative Assembly meeting this weekend:

APSCUF delegates voted overwhelmingly to approve a resolution encouraging members to boycott Georgia-Pacific products, which include Dixie cups, Brawny paper towels, Angel Soft bath tissue and Mardi Gras napkins, among others. It’s a small measure, but it’s one we can all take. As many of you know, Koch Industries owns Georgia-Pacific, and the Koch brothers have expended enormous resources to influence the debate in Wisconsin and nationwide. When big business pours massive campaign contributions into elections, they are using dollars that we – as consumers – have provided them. They make the choice to contribute, but we make the choice to purchase their products. And in the case of Georgia-Pacific paper products, there are a wide range of alternatives available.

A boycott can be one of the most potent weapons in an activist’s arsenal. Obviously, the bus boycotts of the civil rights era are a great example, but more recently consumer boycotts persuaded advertisers on Glenn Beck’s show to withdraw their support, leading to Beck’s show being cancelled.

The Georgia-Pacific boycott is catching on with other union and progressive organizations, and we hope our support will sustain the boycott’s momentum. The Koch brothers and the anti-union movement are committed for the long haul – and so are we.