Regardless of  your cultural background, we at State APSCUF wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday and/or a relaxing break, and a Happy New Year.

Our thoughts remain always with our colleagues who face retrenchment and with all our fellow citizens who face uncertainty in the upcoming year.

At this time of year, we also pause to recognize that there are bigger struggles in the world than those we face at our work: tens of thousands of soldiers far from home; on many continents, disease and hunger are too much the norm; even here in America, the most prosperous country in history, you need only check a newspaper or a news program this time of year to learn of another family whose season is dampened mightily by poverty or unemployment.

So, in this season of peace, let’s not forget the less fortunate than ourselves and wish for them some comfort in these next few days.  Let us all be appreciative that we collectively work at an enterprise aimed at making the world a better place by combating ignorance and by engaging in the search for solutions to some of our state’s, our nation’s, and our world’s problems.


Steve and Ken