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State APSCUF staff members stand with our union. Photo/Kathryn Morton

After the Supreme Court ruled against public-sector unions, we stand together in the post-Janus world. We remain APSCUF proud.

If you don’t already, now is a critical time to take an active role in APSCUF. Contact your chapter or state leadership to find out how you can share your time and talents with OUR union.

One simple way to spread the word about the importance of union membership is to proclaim your solidarity on social media.

You can share a photo of yourself with a “UNION” or #APSCUFproud sign. We’ve been doing the former in the State APSCUF office, and you can view our images in this Facebook album. We’d love to add yours to the mix, so tag APSCUF or send your picture to so we’ll be sure to see and share them.

Don’t have a paper sign? We’ve compiled graphics and an overlay for you to spruce up your social-media accounts with solidarity. Below are some profile and cover photos you’re welcome to use. You also can post them as stand-alone graphics with your message that you’re sticking with our union.

Click here to download the “APSCUF proud” graphic. Use it as a profile photo or share the graphic with your statement of solidarity on social-media accounts.

Click here to download an “I’m sticking with my union” graphic. Use it as a profile image or share it with your declaration that you’re sticking with APSCUF.

Click here to download an alternate version of “I’m sticking with my union.” This incarnation works best for rounded avatars, such as on Twitter.

Like the profile photo you have? Click here to add a bit of union flair to an existing Facebook profile picture and click here to take a new photo with the frame.

Click here to download the “I’m sticking with my union” cover photo sized for Facebook — but available to use wherever you need to show your APSCUF pride.

Click here to download an “I’m sticking with my union” banner in Twitter cover-photo dimensions. (We’ve sized it for Twitter, but you’re welcome to use it wherever you’d like.)

Most important, make sure you’re a full member of APSCUF. If you’re not certain you are — or know you need to become one — contact your chapter office manager and start the simple process of joining APSCUF.