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After Gov. Tom Wolf’s Feb. 5 budget address,¬†we talked with legislators about the governor’s proposal related to higher education. Wolf’s plan¬†includes $7 million more for Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education, a 1.5 percent increase from last year.

“It’s a good foundation,” Sen. Vincent Hughes said of the investment in the State System. “Hopefully we can build on top of that.”

“We must continue to hold our commitment to those young people, understanding that they are the future workers that fuel Pennsylvania,” Rep. Jordan Harris said.

Wolf’s proposal is a “step in the right direction,” Rep. Matthew Bradford said.

Sen. Andy Dinniman discussed the importance of funding the State System when we encountered him in the Capitol rotunda.

“Hopefully we can keep that (State System funding increase) in there, and maybe we can get a little more for our kids, but I think it’s a good start,” Sen. Lindsey Williams said.

“Putting that foot forward with an increase, not a cut, not a level fund, I think is a statement of big proportions that we recognize the value of higher education,” Rep. David Millard told us.

APSCUF President Dr. Kenneth M. Mash weighed in as well:

Watch APSCUF’s newsletter and website for more information about advocating for State System funding as the budget process continues. You can start by contacting your legislators to encourage them to support public high education in Pennsylvania.

Speaking of government relations, APSCUF has an additional Twitter account for all things public higher education in Pennsylvania. Be sure to follow @APSCUFGR on Twitter.